Join EBC

East Brooklyn Congregations is made up of religious congregations, schools and homeowners and other voluntary associations working together to make Brooklyn more just and prosperous.  EBC does not accept individual memberships. 

EBC membership requires participation—an organized team of top leaders in your institution to:

  • Identify and train other leaders
  • Identify and act on local issues
  • Help develop and support EBC’s borough and city-wide agenda at public actions

EBC member institutions are asked to complete an agreement that identifies EBC’s commitments and the institution’s. This is the basis of our accountability to each other. EBC promises to provide training and other assistance to member institutions, helping them to build a team of leaders, identify community issues for action, and implement an action plan. The member institutions promise to identify their leaders and participate in training and major EBC actions.  For some of our successes, see Issues and Victories.

The institution also commits to pay dues according to a formula based on the size of the institution.  Dues are used to pay salaries for EBC’s organizers and operating expenses. A strong dues base means that the members own the organization, and the staff works for the members. Institutions spend their money on priorities that are important to them. 

EBC is always happy to welcome new members.  If you would like to learn more about joining EBC, or are interested in starting an affiliate in your own neighborhood, please contact us.

Contact information:


551 Vandalia Ave, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11239