Recreation and Parks

A team of EBC leaders has made significant progress in advocating for improvements to the 142-acre Highland Park, including winning $9.3 million for the repair and upgrade of paths around the park’s former reservoirs and planning for future improvements. EBC leaders continue to work to ensure that current Highland Park facilities are repaired and badly needed new fields, paths and other facilities are built.  Some of these efforts were highlighted in a 2009 Daily News Opinion Editorial by Bishop Daid Benke and Father Mariano Cisco. NY Daily News Article.

Leaders who helped plan the Spring Creek Nehemiah development also won a commitment from the City to build four public parks nearby.  Construction on the first park begins in 2015.

Leaders are working very hard to improve several local Bushwick parks. So far leaders have won more than 20 major improvements at places like Green Central Knoll and Hecksher Playground.  Now we are fighting for a multi-million dollar development of those two parks.  Local politicians and bureacrats have been slow to make commitments but EBC leaders remain undeterred in our efforts to improve our neighborhood parks.